Serpentfire Tarot

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Serpentfire Tarot is the first deck from Devany Amber Wolfe. Conceptualized in 2011 and the first edition completed in 2014, this deck is the first of its kind to feature retrofuturistic, cosmic digital collage.

​Rekindle your love for the divine feminine as you trace her footsteps through the majesty of the desert and vintage sci-fi dreamscapes.

​The artwork lends itself to traditional tarot symbolism - but for anyone who may need extra insight, the guidebook is extremely helpful in explaining what the visuals have to offer, as well as the meaning of the cards in their light (upright) and shadow (upside down) positions.

​The guidebook was written by Devany and edited by Michael Morritt.

Click here to watch the deck flip-thru 

​~ both deck and guidebook come in a beautiful, iconic black-themed two-piece lift box. Highly durable and will wear well over time

♡ Divination System: Tarot
♡ Cards: 78-card deck, 89 x 135 mm
♡ Card stock: matte
♡ Edges: Gold-gilded
♡ Box: 2-Part box
♡ Guidebook included: Yes