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At Aphrodite, we are more than just a shoppe; we are a spiritual sanctuary and creative studio dedicated to assisting you on your path of self-discovery and spiritual growth. Our mission is to provide a nurturing space where you can explore and deepen your spiritual practice.

We take great care in curating a collection of spiritual tools and offering Reiki services that resonate with our core values and ethics. Each item we offer is chosen with utmost love and intention, ensuring that it aligns perfectly with our purpose. Quality and sustainability are at the forefront of our selection process, and we hand-select each item to ensure they meet our high standards.

While a selection of crystals is available on our website, the majority of our offerings can be found during our Instagram Live Sales. These events provide an interactive and dynamic platform for you to discover unique spiritual treasures, connect with our community, and learn more about the products we offer. To stay updated on upcoming Live Sales and important dates, be sure to follow us on Instagram @shoppe.aphrodite.


Dacier Iglesias

My interaction with the spiritual and mystical started as a child. I saw spirits, astral traveled, was fascinated by Tarot cards, crystals and witches, and mixed potions to make me beautiful and give me powers. I was drawn to vampires, because balance, right? We need to embrace our dark side too. Somewhere between the age of 10 and 12, I disconnected from that World. The little person full of wonder and Magic had gone through too much trauma to co-exist in that realm. I lived an empty life for a decade and went through more hardships. I was alive, but I wasn't living.

Around 19, I was introduced to Hinduism and fell in love with its pantheon of beautiful Gods and Goddesses. Then Buddhism and its philosophy of life. I learned Reiki to understand how energy works. These teachings helped me recollect lost fragments of my Self and find my way to peace through reconciliation. After working on myself, which included therapy and a great support system, Magic returned.

I created Aphrodite to help others connect with their Magic.


Owned and operated by Dacier Iglesias.


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