Lilifer Tarot-Gold Edition

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From the deck creator:
is the first tarot published by Marion Costentin of Little Darkness. It was inspired by early tarot decks, the occult tradition and my own spiritual practice. It features 22 major arcanes, 56 minor arcanes + 2 Lilith & Lucifer cards, and comes with a booklet of card meanings and tables of correspondences. 

Every single illustration was painted intuitively by hand with watercolors. Lilifer is a free-flowing deck with a unique voice. It takes root in various forms of the tarot and isn't attached to a specific school of thought. 

If you have an interest in witchcraft, astrology, ritual work, shadow work, symbolism or the occult, this deck is for you. It is filled with loving wisdom and reverence for the invisible. 

What's different about this edition?

The deck now comes in a sturdy lid-bottom box with gold accents throughout. The cards are embellished with a gold frame that brings out the art on the front, while gold accents on the back give it a subtle touch of magic. I have upgraded to a casino grade cardstock that is thinner and shuffles better. The booklet is enriched with full-color pictures to help you identify your cards with ease.

  • Divination System: Tarot
  • Cards: 80-card deck, matte lamination
  • Card stock: 300 GSM, gold foil details
  • Card size: 70x110mm
  • Box: Lid-bottom box
  • Guidebook included: 72 pages, 10x110mm, full color, glue binding. Printed on FSC-certified paper stock with eco-friendly soy-based inks.