The Moonchild Tarot

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A beautifully illustrated collection of powerful archetypes and guided visuals, this luminous deck is both grounding and activating. Designed with ancient motifs, the keys of this Tarot also work in harmony with the sacred wisdom teachings of the moon.

81 keys to explore, filled with rich symbology and lush dreamscapes. Vivid collages designed with layered textures and activating symbols have been carefully imbued to help guide your understanding of the card meanings.

The Moonchild Tarot guidebook offers a space from which to set goals and intentions with clarity and purpose. It also serves as an accessible introduction to the Tarot's many uses, from mystical touchstone to practical resource.

Each Guidebook includes:
Upright and reversed card interpretations
Journal prompts
Moon rituals
Tarot card spreads
Astrological correspondences for each card.
Gemstone translations for the energies of each card
And more

♡ Divination System: Tarot
♡ Cards: 81-card deck
♡ Card stock: 400 GSM
♡ Edges: Gold
♡ Box: 2-Part box
♡ Guidebook included: Yes