Fortuna Tarot Deck-Emerald Anima

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The Fortuna Tarot Deck is a 79-card deck designed to help you unlock your potential and turn your purpose into gold. Combining ancient alchemical principles, tarot, astrology, and numerology you will embark on a new journey within toward clarity and enlightenment, opening the gates of the occult and spirituality.

These cards respect some of the traditional symbolism found in other tarot decks combined with modern elements, purposely designed to help your mind to tap into higher realms, adding more layers to your readings. This deck celebrates the union between the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine forces, that’s why the Court cards have been rearranged to Princess (Page) Prince (Knight), then Queen and King.

The Guidebook
Extensive guidebook which includes the different theories and core elements found within the deck, meanings, and descriptions of the cards and their archetypes, as well as some unique spreads to use with your cards.

Designed and written by Maria Praena

  • Deck System: Rider-Waite Smith
  • Cards: 79-card deck, 4.72" x 2.95"
  • Card stock: 350 GSM, luxurious matte
  • Box: 2-part box
  • Rose gold foil stamp for front and back
  • Custom hand-painted symmetrical watercolor background for the back of the cards
  • Hand-painted edges
  • Guidebook included: Yes