Florida Water Herbal Bath & Floorwash

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A sacred blend made for blessings, cleansings, protection, healing & removing negativity. Ingredients: red rose petals, jasmine flowers, orange peel, angelica root, cloves, basil, bay leaf, lemon verbena, lemon balm, thyme, and cinnamon chips.

Each of these pouches holds enough herbs for 1-2 baths. 1oz in weight of herbs. Instructions on how to use the bath are on the back side of each pouch. Each pouch is made up of 100% compostable materials. The inner lining is derived from plant-based PLA material to keep herbal blends fresh. 

Floorwashes are traditional hoodoo rituals of bringing in or washing out energies. Similarly one can use them for ritual bathing to wash their sacred self clean of energies or bring certain blessings in. Each blend is also great to use for candle dressing.

Handcrafted by Ritualcravt in their small Denver witchshop. Ritualcravt Herbal Bath & Floorwashes are made with intention and the highest quality ingredients.

Made for witches by witches.