Earth Warriors Oracle

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Empowering the Sacred Guardians and Inspired Visionaries
Revised Borderless 2nd Edition

Earth Warriors Oracle taps into universal tribal wisdom and pure spiritual guidance to empower your soul with courage and optimism to discover the Earth Warrior within and fulfill its sacred purpose. A new world is being born. It is founded upon love and higher consciousness, instead of fear, hate, and greed. This new world is gaining ground, and becoming stronger, yet it also needs its protectors during this precious and important time of birth. Earth Warriors are the guardians, guides, and way-showers for the new world, inspiring its people to prosper and thrive in harmony with the wisdom of life.

Defying convention and living from the heart, Earth Warriors urge the human race forward with enormous positive energy and a passionate desire for meaningful contribution and sacred purpose. Willing to shake things up for the right cause, the Earth Warriors bring truth out of darkness, when others who trade in fear would wish to keep it hidden.

Earth Warriors are the wise wild ones, cracking open mainstream consciousness with their loving awareness of freedom and grace. They are the bright lights, the holy hustlers, the creative visionaries, and the sacred guardians of the soul.

The set includes 44 cards and a 216-page illustrated guidebook.

♡ Deck System: Oracle
♡ Cards: 44-card deck, 3.75” x 5.5”
♡ Card stock: Paper, matte
♡ Box: 2-part box, 4.875” x 6.625"
♡ Guidebook included: yes