Dragon's Blood 100% Pure Sangre de Grado

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Dragon’s blood, or “Sangre de Grado,” is named for its bright red sap. Native to the Amazon region of South America, this tree is thought to possess some healing properties. Both the tree’s bark and resin boast a long history of usage in traditional medicine - in fact, indigenous tribes throughout Peru and Ecuador have used its sap for centuries. * Sangre de Grado possesses a high concentration of Taspine - an alkaloid with anti-inflammatory properties - which may help to accelerate the healing process of some external wounds. * In ancient times, Sangre de Grado was commonly used to aid in digestive health, with its plant resin specially used to treat diarrhea or dysentery. * As a natural astringent, the bark of the Sangre de Grado tree may be applied directly to the skin to help stem the blood flow potentially.

Each bottle contains 30 ml.