Chakra Sage Bundle

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Mountain sagebrush ethically sourced in Utah. Cedar, dried flowers and blue calcite stone.

Bring into balance the body’s 7 energy centers, the chakra system. When the chakras are functioning properly, the body’s energy is in harmony. When chakras are malfunctioning, the body’s energy can cause physical, mental, and emotional disturbances. To balance the chakra, burn sage and practice visualization of the chakra colors and body chakra alignment. Meditate. Try sound healing and chakra balancing chants. With eyes closed, envision each chakra glowing and pulsing with vibrant color & energy.

Blue calcite stone is gentle and soothes nerves and anxiety. Use while regaining health & energy after a stressful time. This stone promotes calm communication and clarity.

You will receive an information card with each sage bundle purchase. The information card lists the sage bundle ingredients, healing properties & sage burning directions. Rainbow fluorite crystals will vary in color and size for each sage bundle.

Happy Cleansing!

Please keep in mind that each sage bundle is uniquely hand wrapped and may differ from the rest. Sage Bundle is approx 8-9 inches long and 1 1/2-2 inches wide.

Please burn sage responsibly. Do not inhale smoke. Do not leave unattended while burning.