Celestial Bodies Oracle - Altar Size

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This is the Altar Size.

Celestial Bodies is an oracle deck unlike anything else on the market. It is an interactive astrology learning tool as well as a deep dive into the realm of numerology, and how they work in tandem.

It is the only deck of its kind - fully integrating beautiful cosmic landscape artwork and in-depth astrology and numerology information in the hefty guidebook.

The card artworks were intuitively created based upon Devany's connection with astrological energies, and the guidebook was a wonderful collaboration between Devany, Cristina Farella of Eighth House Astrology, and Kaitlyn Kaerhart, numerologist.

Click here to watch the deck flip-thru.

In the 83 card decks and 370-page guidebook, all foundational aspects of astrology are covered (signs, houses, planets, moon phases, aspect + aspect patterns, etc) as well as special sections on eclipse seasons, retrogrades, Saturn return and so much more! The numerology section gives you a full understanding on how to calculate your numbers, and what they all mean.

♡ Divination System: Oracle
♡ Cards: 83-card deck, 118 x 147mm
♡ Card stock: matte
♡ Edges: Rainbow-gilded
♡ Box: Magnetic closure
♡ Guidebook included: Yes