Aurora Tarot-Blue Edition

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This is a limited edition deck and won’t come back in blue.

Note: This deck does not come with a physical guidebook. The meanings for each card can be found here: Aurora Tarot Guide

The Aurora Tarot deck is a beautiful and inspired expression of the human fascination with the mysteries and wonders of the Universe. Throughout history, people have looked to the stars, planets, and constellations for guidance, meaning, and connection to the greater cosmos. The creators of the Aurora Tarot deck have sought to honor this tradition while elevating it to new heights and dimensions.

The deck is a unique fusion of the traditional Earthy Marseille tarot with the ethereal and abstract realm of the Aether. Using vibrant colors, intricate symbols, and stunning visuals creates a sense of wonder and awe that will captivate anyone who views the cards. The creators have carefully curated each element of the deck to reflect a love for history and legacy while also infusing it with a modern sensibility that is both fresh and timeless.

The Aurora Tarot deck is a must-have for those drawn to the mysteries of the cosmos and fairytales. It is an actual work of art that combines history, tradition, and innovation in a truly breathtaking way. With each shuffle of the deck, a new adventure awaits, and the possibilities for growth, connection, and enlightenment are endless.

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  • Divination System: Tarot
  • Cards: 78-card deck
  • Card stock: linen finish
  • Edges: Gold-gilded Edges
  • Box: Tuck box
  • Guidebook: No